Sunday, 19 October 2008

what's new?

Halloween costume..Frida

Quinns birthday gift, Build a bear

Feist concert me and Sandra

I think I say this a lot...but nothing is to new! The kids are loving school, Carson is doing well in his swim classes, and we are trying to figure out what Quinn would have fun in?? I ended up getting mono again, I guess I get run down a lot, and it hits me.. We have had our flu for the year I hope that was it, and the weather is changing fast, to fast. Quinn turned 5 the big 5! We had a fun thanksgiving, last week, with an extra long weekend , which was nice! This weekend Jeff, Sandra, Cj and I all went to Feist, she was so good! It was fun to get out... I hadn't been out in awhile due to sleeping 24/7 with mono. Well that raps up my month, Like I said nothing to new.

Saturday, 20 September 2008


First day of school

WIth JAy, Becca, Graig and Angie In Utah
Bear Lake Reunion

Mission Comps!
My title is the egg commercial I just saw, get cracking! It has almost been a year since my last post, not bad hey?! Well we had a great summer, lot's of cabin time, family reunion and more cabin. The kids have started school, Carson loves grade two and Quinn is happy with Kindergarten. And I am happy with the mornings to myself!!! The kids are doing good at waking up early and going to bed at a good time. This will be an awesome year. I have a hard time writing about my daily events, only because I lead a really ordinary life. I wish I had more to talk about, I personally just love to see pictures when I look at blogs , so I have decided to let my pictures do the talking. If anything really great happens, I will for sure let all of you know......

Tuesday, 8 January 2008

attach to bottom.

Chuck and Sandra and I.
Jeff and I hiking the Napale Coast.

the boys and mom had a fun day playin golf.

for all of you LOST fans this is the peir that it was shot on, and the bay. This was my favorite spot on the whole Island.

these were surpose to be with the last post it wouldnt let me. this is our trip to KAuia, my sister has all the good pictures I will have to get them from her and post more. It took a vehicle this size to fit all of us and our bags.

ok, where do I begin???

well, My last post was in October, we had Quinns B-Day and some fun parties. Then next thing we were looking forward to was Dec, My family was all going to Kauia and we were very ecxited, but before all of that I wasnt feeling so well and got MONO, how? who knows. Anyways, the trip was SO much fun, we hiked alot, ate the best shrimp possible and snorkled with Sea Turtles the size of Jeff everyday. It really was a great trip, we cant wait to go back. The day we got home Jeff started to feel sick, this is a week before Christmas. Well it hit all of us during and after christmas and new years, so we were in the house for like two weeks, with bad coughs, head colds, flu, the worst part was I think we might have givin it to my mom, SORRY! We really missed hangin with the family, and Just seeing everyone. I hope next year will be differant. The kids are all back in school now and Jeff started on Monday as well, he is in his Second year, just two more to go. I have ZERO pictures of christmas this year, it's like it never happened . How sad.