Monday, 27 September 2010

ups and downs

Carsons face

Quinns face
not liking my singing..

half smile...
faces that is.... here is Ivy doing her best smile and frowns she is getting there. I also was having a craving for some cafe Rio so I made it! the kids have fun eating and playing with their food with these cute plates I found! really gets them eating!!

Friday, 24 September 2010

chicks RULE!

VIV having a snooze

A little one on one
THE Coaches!

BASKETBALL that is! Quinn and Anna AND Cole all started Basketball this Friday and are all on the same team, With the BEST coaches around... JEFF and CHUCK! So cool! It will be a fun year For all of them I am sure! We have three nights a week with basketball this year and I am really looking forward to it! It's my favorite thing to do .. Go cheer on the kiddies!!

Wednesday, 22 September 2010

heart to heart

the nurse cuts out there EKGs into heart shapes and gives them to the kids.. if you look closely to the heart, on the second and third row between v5 and V6 the funny looking jumps in the EKG is her Wolf Parkinson White.

She did so well!

Ivy had her two month check up with her Cardiologist yesterday and she did great! We were hoping for better news, but not much has changed with her condition Wolf Parkinson White{WPW} or the Regurgitation of blood flow in her heart chambers. But she is doing fine and still having perfect heart rhythms. We talked about long term effects, medicine, what to do in case it does start to race and future procedures she could possible have. it was all good news but still makes me sad and I have a hard time talking about it.... I feel like I need to go have a good cry before and after the appointments then I can have a normal conversation about it. The Dr couldn't believe the routine We had with her medicine, she about fell off her chair when we told her I had been giving her medicine everyday at 12, 8 and 4 in the morning, She gave us a different medicine, to only give twice a day hopefully that will give me more sleep in the night. We love our little Ivy and keep hoping for the best, If anything changes it will be around the Year mark.. if nothing changes by that time{ as in she grows out of it } then she will have it for life and we will have do consider options for her to make her more comfortable or normal with her heart.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

about time.

kids started school last week, and they have loved it so far, Quinn has a wonderful new teacher and carson has his from last year thank heavens! she was awesome! Ivy and I just stare at each other all day and I am Just happy with that! couldn't be happier. We also added to our family last week, the addition was a new van! I am in love with it! I think we all are. Carson came home the other day from school really excited, he said they handed out forms for the school patrol in the morning and after school crosswalk, well He is Determined to be apart of that team! He is sick right now with strep or flu. soooo I guess we are kicking the first week of school off really well, it was just a matter of time before the kids started getting sick with something. never fails. Jeff is also starting to play hockey again Wed nights. It was the long weekend here and We ended up going down on 17th with JEss and CJ to TUBBY DOGS, we all got something different, I got he SLAW DOG, Jess got a make your own Jeff got the chilly dog, I cant remember what CJ got but they all looked HUGE and interesting. I think Jeff is the only one that finished his. then we walked around and saw some interesting things.. a little REBA and a little TRANY DUNK Quinn got all painted up it was ....FUN!... just wish the weather was nicer.