Sunday, 3 April 2011


Ivy had a rough night, she cried and cried all night.. her eyes seem to be hurting her a lot.. she doesn't open them much and they are really red when she does. it's hard to get her drops in her eyes. I am hoping in the next day or two they start feeling a little better for her.. she is tired and uncomfortable. The cold she has isn't helping much either.

Friday, 1 April 2011

eye balls

Ivy has a way of making you feel really special, she looks right into you and studies your every move... The nurses today fell head over heels over her and one ended up staying the whole time with her, she just couldn't leave... You know when you get a puppy and you wish they would stay all cute and puppyish forever? Well that is how I feel about Ivy, I feel like she hasn't "grown " much just stuck in a newborn world, she still just sits still and lays in your arms with out any fuss, looking up at you smiling here and there... Today Ivy went in to get her eyes fixed.. she was a superstar! Thank you for all that was thinking of her today, it ment a lot.. and for all the help Jessica , sandra, stacey your phone calls have ment the world!