Tuesday, 28 July 2009

best time EVER!

So we have been having FUN out here at the cabin, it all started in Calgary when Jeff and I went to a friends birthday party at Boleros! YUMMY then on the way home { late } and driving to the cabin that night, we ran out of gas at the corner of Stoney and Crowchild. Jeff thought we could have made it into Tuscany, he was wrong! The only number I had on my phone who I thought I could call that late was Laurie Glenn, so I called, Spencer was out of town so she said to call Jenn Andrews, so we got our gas.. THANK YOU. we got to the cabin pretty late. The next day the boys did their sprint and we had a great time with Tam and John! we love them! so now it's just the girls, with a few little boys running around. We have been just hanggin and eating good! {cafe Rio tongiht } another YUMMMY! can't wait for the dads to get here on the weekend, we sure miss them. enjoy the pics and the special video at the end! it's a Tribute to DEE.. I think Cole got you beat, he did it himself!

also isn't that the CUTEST inch worm EVER!

love this one

watch out!

us out of gas, you wouldn't believe the honks and fingers we got....

Sunday, 19 July 2009

suck it up buttercup!

We are having a great time out at the cabin, one of the highlights was watching Dad and JEff do their swim down at the beach, they did awesome! The wet suits fit like a glove with the help of mom, and after their bike and run, they both got to have a nap on the beach! kinda, until our umbrella decided to fly away and stab a girl in the face! { sorry no pics of that } but it got her good! Mom and I are planning on having a hard day at the beach tomorrow, making sand castles, eating junk and drinking pop. it's a hard life. Enjoy the pictures.

Also the kids and I have been out there by our selfs for a few days and it great, very quiet, and have had fun at the beach and feeding the horses.. ice cream, the list goes on, mom and I also hit up the fair that was going on in town, lots of great food, fun stuff to see, mom, carson and I even won us a free round of golf at the Fairmont Golf course! time to go...