Thursday, 20 May 2010

This that and the other...

so tired, Guess who loves her daddy!
he got the splits down!
birthday dinner, YUMMMYBaby Bag, can't wait to use it!

half way done

Well Calgary over the passed few days or maybe week has been very nice out!! I took advantage of the weather and enjoyed some deck days... all to myself, it felt so good to get some rays! We also took advantage of the warm nights and would walk our neighbors dog, the kids love it. It was also great coming home and having watermelon and rootbeer floats to top it off! This weekend JEff will be going to his Grad!! We are so proud of him, he worked hard and finished with flying colors! I am especially excited for him! He also has a Birthday this weekend, Which I am also excited about, not for any reason just that I love him tons and this is a big year it seems for him! GOOD JOB JEFF YOU DID IT!! On a side note I am 7 month and feeling fine, and the kids have like 6 weeks of school left which is also awesome!!

I got a call today from the school about Quinn and how someone had stolen her lunch and ate it ALL, so they gave her an emergency lunch with rasins and peaches... soo what is your guess do you think she ate it?? you will have to ask her! The look on her face when she was telling me about it was priceless to!