Monday, 4 May 2009

fire alarm..

pooped out after visiting the Bass was that good!
I think her face says it all!?

Quinn was in a cute little play last week.. the teacher had to put a dog part in the play cause that is all she wanted to be, her part was to Bark aaaaannnnddd I'm sure you all know how she did! 
The Bass store started to wear on them a little... 

the wolf pup

Easter Sunday! 

Today was a warm day... got kinda chilly in the evening , but not a bad day! My car was in the shop today so mom helped drop off the Quinn in the afternoon at school, I decided to walk down and get the kids from school when they were done, because I didn't have a car. The walked all the way home and liked it... it's pretty far to!  When I got home Jessica was at my house and she was on a walk to, so we decided to take the kids to the park, I think it was a long winter cause the kids played and played and played. When Jeff got home we decided to go swimming for FHE, just as Quinn and I get in the pool the Fire alarm goes off, and they tell everyone to get out of the pool, we were all standing there wet and cold... well then they told everyone at the YMCA to get out of the building.. so out we went wet, cold and only in our towels ... for a good 20 mins.  by the time we went back in the water felt like a hot tub cause we were to cold!  Jeff got some training in tonight for the TRI ... I'm so excited for him!  .... I am including some pics of the new Bass store we went  to over the weekend! it's huge and FUN! Also are some Easter Morning pics and some of Polo Quinns " dog "  we love walking him! and he loves us!