Sunday, 28 February 2010


Was the score of the Hitmen game last night, we took all of carsons favorite people to a game for his birthday! There were just a few favorite people missing.. We are so thankful for Grandpa Gordie for the tickets and the SWEET Suite we got when we were there, all loaded with pop corn and pop for the kids, they later snacked on fries and Hot dogs , nothing better then a hot dog at a hockey game!! They were also decked out in Hitmen Touques. They all looked pretty cute! The kids got pretty excited when the first fight started, and they cheered their hearts out the whole time, I guess that is why they ended up winning? By the third period we made our way down to the lower bowl and got seats 6 rows up from the glass, They really love that, then at the end there were fire works to end off the night.. really loud in a arena... all in all the kids loved it and it's fun to see them cheer and root on a team!

Saturday, 27 February 2010

fun times

Even though this is one of the shorter months in the year, it seemed like more went on then most months! here are some of the things.. Carson turned 9 and woke up to this! We also had a pizza party the night of his Day with Papa T! We got to Bunny sit and the kids loved it! it was kinda nice to have a little furry friend around, Quinn had a huge fever for a WEEK!! ended in a ear infection, and JEff Broke his nose you all knew that though.

Thursday, 25 February 2010


Today is Carsons birthday! I always thought that the year they turned 8 was going to be hard, and it was, but this year has made me sad just a little, he is 9 and FINE! I think of how fast that went, and it did VERY fast in fact, and it makes me sad to think in just that may short years again, he will be a grown man! going on a Mission! I was asking Carson what was some of the high lights of this year, and these were some of a few!

He LOVED turning 8
He Loved getting Baptized
He loved spending time out at the Cabin - his favorite place.
He loved starting school
He loves spending time with his favorite " Friends" cousins
He loved hearing that he was going to be a big brother again
He was so excited to see his other cousins get Baptized
And he loved Going down and skating in the early morning down at the club with his dad before anyone else was there!
Now these are just a few things I love about him.
I love his laugh
I love his smile
I love his heart
I love how he loves to learn
I love how kind he is
I love how easy and simple he want to be
I love that he gets up early
I love that he loves his family and especially his grandparents
I love his hugs

I hope all your experiences with Carson have been happy good ones, I know he has been one of the best things in our world, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARSON!!! We love you very much!

Thursday, 11 February 2010


two posts in one night, look below at the videos of Jeff in the hospital, I filmed what I could.. BUT tonight I had Carson running to me showing me a picture of a SHARK he had found and there was nothing I could say to convince him that it DOES NOT EXIST... I hope I never run into one of these cause if I do I'm sure they will find me washed up on the shore dead with a huge smile on my face { death from drowning of laughter }.

high demand!

here it is.. I mean it was worse in real life and I had no clue how to use his phone as a camera, so the times I thought I was filming I wasn't and the times I wasn't I was... enjoy of it what you can!!

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Snap, Crackle, Pop

Jeff Broke his nose last night playing BasketBall, and I got the Resetting his nose all on Film, Let me just say I pray I never brake my nose.

Tuesday, 9 February 2010

I had no clue....

I volunteered in Quinns class today, I had no idea that kids in grade one could grow a Moustache.... poor kid. I also found out that Quinn was the class nose picker, Poor kid. At least she gets them out instead of being the kid that lets them just hang there, or how about the kid that has gross breath, YUP ran into one of those today to! OH the great thing is , is that we were all one of those kids at some point, even if you dont think you were! YOU WERE!

Friday, 5 February 2010

not complaining BUT....

I would love to stop throwing up at some point! It's really not fun to do with a pounding head, stuffy nose and sore throat. The only good thing about it is, is that my nose gets somewhat cleared. YUCK....

Thursday, 4 February 2010

Wednesday, 3 February 2010

I"M 60!!!!!

Mom turned 60 and she look s FABULOUS!!! We also had a FABULOUS paaaaarrtttaaayyyy for her tonight! Lots of family and friends were there and best of all she had no idea it was coming!!! Dad you pulled off a great party! We all love you both!!! I t was also Daves Birthday today and he turned the big 35, we missed him and the rest of the family!!! We hope Dave had a great day to! I'm sure he did!

pictures are not posting will try later sorry!!!

Tuesday, 2 February 2010

better late then never..

Just some of the things we did last year , that we will continue to do this year! First hang with our FINE FRIENDS!
Carson and I did the cubs end of the year hike it was long hard and I can't believe these little men did it!! I have to thank Darcy Dables for carrying carson half way down.. { Carson had a wicked headache} he finished the rest himself though!! I want to do this with Carson every year it was so neat to get to the top and see your progress! Good job boys! { yearly hike}

MOM'S 60th! she will have a birthday once a year so that is something we will always Celebrate!

New Years out at the lake! That is where we will be!

And constantly laughing at my kids! ALL THE TIME!

the childrens Nativity! of course!
I miss kauai and all it's glory I wish that could be a yearly thing for us!
and I just liked this one. This was Quinn on he 6th Birthday!
I am going to start off by saying HAPPY NEW YEAR! Better late then never right? Lots has happened since christmas, so I will play catch up, and see if I can remember most of it. Christmas was GREAT! We spent it with family and friends, and lots of good food. Just before christmas we found out that we will be blessed with another little one that will join us in AUG! OH how far away that feels, BUT now I feel like it's just around the corner. New years was great to, We packed up and spent some time out at the cabin, We had a fire going all the time, games, food, fire works, skating on the lake it was awesome! My kids just was saying the other day how much fun it was out there! GOOD memories for sure! Other then that we just kinda hung out, slept, and enjoyed doing nothing. I started to get PRETTY sick the last night out at the cabin and it got worse from there, I knew it was going to hit{ with the pregnancy} it was just a matter of time, And it's still going strong. so really for the last two months I have been either over the toilet ALL DAY, or... OVer the toilet all day! Thank goodness for Drugs! now I am over the toilet Half the day! Should be getting better soon though! I am 13 weeks and almost done my first trimester. Jeff started school Jan 4th, and is finishing his fourth year electrical! BOY that went by fast. HE is doing great and is good at what he does, He is done March 26th I believe.. I feel like this is a big year for us, LOT going on and with in moths of each other.... Here is looking at a great year!. Also we had a FUN night out a mom and dads the other night to CELEBRATE mom's 60th!! if you ask me she DOESN"T look a day over 35! Love you mom, you have another 60 in you!