Tuesday, 24 August 2010

little one

It has been 5 weeks since Little Ivy was born and when I say little she seems LITTLE to us! We are always commenting how little she is, so we have nicknamed her " little one " She has been healthy and happy and just pure joy to have around! We are very happy she is with us. Carson loves to get up early to check for poop, he loves to change diapers and I'm sure if he could feed her he would to! He will be an awesome dad one day! Quinn loves........ freezes, she is still getting use to another lady in the house! she is good with giving kisses and is wanting to hold her more now that she is awake more! All in all we love her and can't wait for all the stages of growth with her!

Blessing day.

this one is For Dahl, look who can RIDE!!!!

in the hospital, in the baby mother room the night before we went home.
more hospital stay. NICU