Sunday, 19 July 2009

suck it up buttercup!

We are having a great time out at the cabin, one of the highlights was watching Dad and JEff do their swim down at the beach, they did awesome! The wet suits fit like a glove with the help of mom, and after their bike and run, they both got to have a nap on the beach! kinda, until our umbrella decided to fly away and stab a girl in the face! { sorry no pics of that } but it got her good! Mom and I are planning on having a hard day at the beach tomorrow, making sand castles, eating junk and drinking pop. it's a hard life. Enjoy the pictures.

Also the kids and I have been out there by our selfs for a few days and it great, very quiet, and have had fun at the beach and feeding the horses.. ice cream, the list goes on, mom and I also hit up the fair that was going on in town, lots of great food, fun stuff to see, mom, carson and I even won us a free round of golf at the Fairmont Golf course! time to go...