Thursday, 25 February 2010


Today is Carsons birthday! I always thought that the year they turned 8 was going to be hard, and it was, but this year has made me sad just a little, he is 9 and FINE! I think of how fast that went, and it did VERY fast in fact, and it makes me sad to think in just that may short years again, he will be a grown man! going on a Mission! I was asking Carson what was some of the high lights of this year, and these were some of a few!

He LOVED turning 8
He Loved getting Baptized
He loved spending time out at the Cabin - his favorite place.
He loved starting school
He loves spending time with his favorite " Friends" cousins
He loved hearing that he was going to be a big brother again
He was so excited to see his other cousins get Baptized
And he loved Going down and skating in the early morning down at the club with his dad before anyone else was there!
Now these are just a few things I love about him.
I love his laugh
I love his smile
I love his heart
I love how he loves to learn
I love how kind he is
I love how easy and simple he want to be
I love that he gets up early
I love that he loves his family and especially his grandparents
I love his hugs

I hope all your experiences with Carson have been happy good ones, I know he has been one of the best things in our world, HAPPY BIRTHDAY CARSON!!! We love you very much!