Sunday, 7 October 2007

we are pregnant!!

Quinn's Birthday, she wasted no time on diggin in.

We took Birthday pictures down At Bowness Park so pretty there right now.

Our Last dinner with Stacey before she went back to Provo, We miss ya Dee.

All the ladies in the house!

At Keith Urban Concert for Dads Birthday! So fun.

Trick or treat.

First day of Preschool. She look ready to me.

Droping Carson off for First day of Grade One..

I knew you would stay on my site and read if I had a title like that! No we are not pregnant, but thanks for caring enough to keep reading. We have had a great start of the year, I got Mono I have a child that is afraid of the weather and really concerned about what he wears to school everyday and Quinn just wont go to prymary anymore, it's been great. I hope the year keeps getting better! Quinn had her fourth Birthday this Confrence Sunday, It was great we just hung out. We will have a party for her in a couple of weeks, due to my Mono. She woke up really excited and kept telling me how much she grew last night cause she is Four now! Jeff has been workin away and Cant wait to get back to school, but before all that happens we will be going to Hawii with the rest of the family, we are very excitied only because we havn't gone anywhere alone on a trip since our honeymoon eight years ago. HORRAY! we really can't wait. We took some pictures today fro Quinns birthday down at Bowness Park it was windy and Alittle cold, the kids had fun running through all the leaves.