Wednesday, 3 March 2010

how did you carry?

Here are a few shoots of my ever growing belly, I feel like one day I woke up and it was there, I also feel like it sticks straight out , and that is how I carried with Quinn, so I have to think just for a second that's it's a girl. The kids are getting really excited now that they can see that something is really growing in there.. Quinn wakes up every morning and kisses my tummy, she is really starting to like the idea that she will be a big sister for the first time! As for me I feel a million times better, the last 10 weeks were hard, but totally worth it!!! I have been getting into a nice little routine of swimming, walking and slow cycling, and light weight, three times a week, just to keep my energy high! I FEEL GREAT! cant wait to meet this little one!