Sunday, 19 October 2008

what's new?

Halloween costume..Frida

Quinns birthday gift, Build a bear

Feist concert me and Sandra

I think I say this a lot...but nothing is to new! The kids are loving school, Carson is doing well in his swim classes, and we are trying to figure out what Quinn would have fun in?? I ended up getting mono again, I guess I get run down a lot, and it hits me.. We have had our flu for the year I hope that was it, and the weather is changing fast, to fast. Quinn turned 5 the big 5! We had a fun thanksgiving, last week, with an extra long weekend , which was nice! This weekend Jeff, Sandra, Cj and I all went to Feist, she was so good! It was fun to get out... I hadn't been out in awhile due to sleeping 24/7 with mono. Well that raps up my month, Like I said nothing to new.