Monday, 15 November 2010

Lots has happened lately, IN early October Quinn turned 7 .. she is growing up fast. We had a fun party for her and she had all her cousins over, I love having birthdays in a month with a holiday, it;s so much fun to decorate for! I figure she will always have fun halloween parties for her birthdays! We then had thanksgiving which was wonderful, we spent it out at karyns farm, and had ham, turkey you name it!! it was a yummy dinner! Then came Remembrance Day, The school had an AWESOME assembly this year I always get choked up a little during it. Then we decided to go the Military Museum and see all the planes, Tanks, and interesting stuff there. We had missed the big Ceremony they had there just by a little, we will have to get to it next year. Carson is very into Ships, and Tanks, Planes, HE loves War stuff, He read Grandpa Woods Bio Book he wrote and loves all the stories in to. He says his next Museum he wants to see is Pearl Harbour.. we are working on that one. It truly is amazing what others have sacrificed for our safety, we are very thankful for all who have! I think we will go to the museum ever year just to renew that thankfulness. Ivy is growing well, and is doing great off her Medication, she is more awake and alert. Her Next appointment is in a few weeks, so it will be interesting to see what it shows! {Prayers please}.

On another note, Carson is in the school SPELLING BEE, he is really excited about it! And Quinn is in the Chess club. She came home the other day all disappointed that she wasn't in the school Chior, I later found out it was first come first serve... she didn't sign up in time, maybe next year! she loves to get up there and sing and dance! she is already doing songs and dances for their Christmas Concert . Can't wait for that one!

UP next is Christmas, and it looks like it outside.. we are getting snow tonight and our Tree is already up! Is yours???