Thursday, 29 October 2009

to Garden Heaven and back...

I have to say the Trip to Kauai was about as good as it gets ... I loved being with everyone and had a lot of good laughs. I want to thank mom for being the most lovable, caring, funny, spiritual, helpful and BEST mother out there! she really knows how to party!! Love you mom. Really if it wasn't for mom or dad we any of us be who we are today??? I guess we will never know, but I would guess, no we wouldn't.

It was good to get home and see the kids, you don't realy realize how much you miss your kids until you see them! The kids had a GREAT time at Grandma and Grandpa Scott's house! they can't stop talking about the fun morning treats they got before school.. { Tim Horton's } and how Quinn got to sleep in a PINK room.. not like her green room back home. Thank you so much Barb and Gordie, I was able to go get away because of you! We love you!

I was happy to hear while I was gone that Carson had a great Basketball game, He was the MVP scoring 13 out of the 14 points and after three baskets running up to Jeff on the sideline yelling " YES I got a Hat Trick " haha I WISH I could have been there!

Tuesday I got a call from the school the Carson was not well, I picked him up ASAP and he got worse by the minute.. I took him in today to the DR and he has PNEUMONIA. I am worried about him, if he gets this flu that is going around then he could be in danger. we are hopeing he gets better fast. Quinn is also not well, fevers and chills, we are having to keep a close eye on her to.. I guess is will be a lot of sleepless nights and prayers...and some tears!