Saturday, 3 October 2009

moving on with life...

so here I am with two kids in school all day... what to do what to do? I found out that you still are busy with stuff, and I often wonder how I was getting everything done in a day when the kids weren't in school all day? Well, it's a month into the kids school year, and I find that my routine is getting quite boring. I made some goals for our family and for me at the start of the school year, because I knew I would find myself in this position eventually. BORED! Because I knew this would happen , I made a goal to do some sort of service everyday for someone, so far I have! That alone has been really rewarding for me! I also made a goal to get a job, one that was close to home and worth the time I was to be there, I thought of what I was good at and what I would enjoy.. SO MANY thing came to my mind that I would like to go do, { maybe not for the things I am good at, but for the things I would like to go do} There is a nice little SPA in crowfoot, and when I mean nice I mean 550$ couples massages! you get the point! and I went in there to check it out! I had a really great chat with one of the managers, and when I left I felt good about it and it seems to be a good place to work.

I am also really wanting to expand or FIND my talents, I feel that when you are busy looking after so many other people you lose YOU! on the other hand you find out your better at things that you didn't think you were good at... I found out I am a good cleaner and I actually enjoy it.. I also found out I am a good snuggler and story teller, lunch maker, cookie maker { according to my kids } and tickler! It's just to bad you don't get paid to do those things!

Because I have had time to let my mind wander, I have been able to think about really great meals to prepare for the family, I have enjoyed cooking lately, it's been fun to make something different and get there reactions and maybe put a new meal idea in the boring cycle of food we eat at our house. I also want to walk in the foot steps of my sisters and sis in laws and learn how to be creative and sew, I have also thought about small classes or courses at Mount Royal, weekender things! I would LOVE to go take a Theatrical makeup class, I LOVE to work with makeup, That is one thing I would love to touch up on! so these are some of my goals for the next LONG TIME! I guess I better fill my days with service and learning, besides isn't that what were here for??