Saturday, 11 June 2011

days go by......

Quinn and I getting a pedi
Roller skating

Carson LOVED it

At Fan FestI took Quinn to CAVALIA it was Amazing! SHe was in heaven with all the horses.



Jeffs Rapture party
I think it's been over a month or two since I posted.. Lots has happened, mothers day, Birthdays, long weekends... Lets start by saying Ivy's eyes are now 100% and she can see! she just started to roll! and we are now working on sitting! this is big! She is still the happiest little thing ever, and I cant wait to wake up every morning to see her! SHe still has no teeth , I keep thinking they are coming but they never show, and we are still working on eating... Every day counts with her, and I think she is doing just Lovely! SHe has her BIG one year heart check up coming up and I cant help but feel a little nervous. I will let you know how that goes. SHe also gets her Helmet off this Tuesday, Just in time for summer! To be honest I am going to miss her in that helmet, she looks so cute in it.

Carson is finishing up grade 4 hmmmm , junior High next year, I'm not ready for that.
Quinn asked for high lights yesterday hmmmm not sure how I feel about that one either.. Why do kids have to grow up!? Both have had a great year at school , Carson loves being on the safety patrol, and Quinn really enjoyed being in the school choir.

Jeff has been working on the new South Hospital, and is always learning with his work, and I just keep the flow going here at home. I am really excited to see every one in July can't wait!! See ya then!