Saturday, 28 February 2009


Well it finally came.. I was dreading this day would come, and it came to fast. I remember sitting in the hospital right after I had Carson and having flashes of this day. For some reason I have never worried about Carson, He has a gentle spirit about him and he has a love for others, he is a pleaser and a good example. The Baptism was great! Dad gave a great talk and we had all our loved ones there. minus a few, we were thinking of you! I had to fight back tears, and let a few slide the spirit was strong, I just want to thank everyone for coming and supporting! We have a wonderful family.. As Jeff and I drove home from mom and dads tonight, we had a different feeling to of responsibility. And how it wasn't just Carson who went through a change but also us as parents.. it is a neat feeling!  We want everyone to know how much we love and appreciate Carson being in our home! And I know he loves all of you family members so much ..Audrey He misses you and hopes you have a great Baptism to, he is excited for you! Dahl he misses running with you and playing football, and Ty he misses making you laugh! Preston he misses playing with you and giggling!  And as for the rest of the cousins, Carson was so happy that you could be here he couldn't stop talking about it all the way home! I asked Carson if he felt different, and he said he felt older.  Mom and Dad thank you for helping out and for all your support all your Grandkids are great because of you guys!   AND I CANT BELIEVE IT BUT.... As I was uploading all the pictures I noticed I dont have one with Carson and DAD! I am so upset...... how did that happen? AHHHH. THe only picture I get of dad is serving others.. of course dad is the best example of that! I'm sorry dad, I will have to get one tomorrow. 

Saturday, 21 February 2009

Boys night out...

LAst night we celebrated Carsons Birthday Party, We took 6 boys down to the Dome for a fun night of Hockey, hotdogs, popcorn, pop, ice cream and CJ enjoyed a pretzel that some how ended up on my lap.. you will see in the pics! I think everyone enjoyed them selfs, and we need to thank Grandpa Gordie for all the first class treatment we got down there. Carson is 8 and will be getting baptized next SATURDAY!  We are so proud of him to take that important step in life.. ANd I know he is REALLY REALLY excited about it! It will be nice to have the Burtons and the Scotts and other friends Join us for this important day!  Enjoy the pictures!  I am almost positive the adults had more fun then the kids!