Wednesday, 19 January 2011

Cranial orthosis

Well it's official we can't get enough of Ivy. The kids love her to death and Ivy knows it! SHe is growing well and is probably one of the happiest babies out there. I feel like she is just happy to be here. Ivy will be sporting a new helmet by next week or CRANIAL ORTHOSIS , and she will be having her eye surgery{ for her STRABISMUS} by next month. She will be also having her Genetic testing done on the 7th of Feb and then in for one more EKG before the big one.... the one that will determine it it's indefinite or not.. Fingers Crossed and lots of prayers. I put up a short video of her head scan below, she did awesome and looked cute while doing it. On the up side Ivy is holding her head better, Her physiotherapist is feeling like she is progressing ... Slowly but it's progress. Any progress makes us happy I think it makes her happy to!