Friday, 6 March 2009

pins and more pins

We have had our basement developed for about 3 years now, And I can never get the kids to go play down there.. not kidding they have Never just gone down there by them selfs and played NEVER.. they run around up here and I will say , you guys have the whole basement to go have fun it, now go play.. Well I had to say that today  AGAIN, and what do you know they did. SO they played and played, well Quinn came up a long time after and told me she had "hung" some of her pictures on the wall, I thought oh on the CORK board I have down there for them, ok... SO I go down there and well pictures speak louder the words.........I have 20 holes in my wall. Thanks Quinn your pictures are great!

Sunday, 1 March 2009

more pictures

SO we had another great day! Ida was blessed and we had another fun night of food and games!  I got some great pictures, I think everyone did. I am giving out another shout out to MOM And DAD for the best times possible! You all love you!